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Club Update

27th August 2020

Grange Squash Club  

Covid-19 Guidlines

Safe Return of Squash

Dear Member,

Upon the release of the Scottish Squash Guidelines for reopening of Squash Clubs (Scottish Squash Guidlines) please find below the measures that will be in place for your safety, and the safe reopening of our squash club.

Justin Lyons, Grange Club manager, is the respected Covid officer, having run and still continuing to do so risk assessments of the club. The club and Justin conform to council rules, having been scrutinised by them. I am in constant dialogue with him, and will continue to be until everything blows over.

Measures will be in place. It must be reminded these are in the interest of yours and public health, something much bigger than any sport could be. 

It must be highlighted, if you have any symptoms of Coronovirus, no matter how small, do not come to the club until Self Isolation guidelines have been adhered to. 

Test and Protect guidelines must also be followed if you have been contacted.

Changing rooms will be closed for now, so please turn up changed.

Masks must be worn, and social distancing maintained when not on a squash court.

Sanitise you hands regularly when inside the building.

The corridor one way system must be respected at all times. Enter from the main entrance, exit through the fire exit.

Court times are staggered, with 15 minute cool down between bookings. This has been wired into the booking system and will automatically update for you when you book. The cool down period is not for members, but our dedicated team.

Members may book during this time with a Solo name if not in a household. All Bookings solo and household must be clearly marked ie. William Wallace. Shorthand will not be accepted.

Under 12s may play squash against other under 12s and take part in coaching without the need to socially distance.

Solo Players or households only per court if over 12 years old.

Solo and household coaching will resume for over 12s, with guidelines.

The Balcony will be closed, so please if wanting to book for Juniors make sure its court 4+5 so 1 parent can keep visibility through the glass if needed maintaining social distance from others and wearing a mask at all times.


Before arriving at the club please be sure to:

  1. Be fully changed, bar your shoes.

  2. Bring a full water bottle

  3. Bring a towel (for your own personal use), and the minimum amount of kit needed.

  4. Make sure you have a mask.

  5. You have a court booking.

The changing rooms will not be open.

Upon arrival please:

  1. Make sure you have your mask on before entering the club. Upon entering Sanitise your hands with the sanitiser provided.

  2. If Solo, sign in at the door. If part of a household, the lead member must sign in. (Details will be kept for 21 days under Track and Trace guidelines)

  3. Following the one way system head to your court, changing your shoes outside the door then sanitising your hands.

Court times are staggered

No belongings must be left in the squash corridor. Take everything you have on court.

Once on the court you can remove your mask

D. You must not leave the court during your booking unless absolutely necessary. If so, you must have your mask on, sanitise your hands and respect the one way system.

E. Upon finishing your session, put on your mask, leave the court, sanitise your hands and exit through the ‘fire’ exit using the one way system.

Court timings must be strictly adhered to.

During this difficult time it is noted that only households and solo play are allowed for over 12 year olds. Under 12 Junior coaching will commence, with Christy Looby taking queries before the first session on Saturday 5th September.

All other types of coaching for over 12s on court is currently only allowed for solo or same household players. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, in line with Scottish Squash and Sport Scotland. No Timeline given so far. 

Court 4 and 5 will be utilised for coaching during this period, allowing the coach to oversee their pupils while being able to socially distance. It is reminded at all times a mask must be worn when not on court.

Thank you for your patience in this time, and I apologise for the rigidness of these guidelines. My only thought right now is the safety and wellbeing of you, and in that light we must all group together understanding that our collective safety and health is what matters.

Life is like a box of chocolates. We’re on the roses just now…..

Please contact the mailbox with any queries/thoughts you have and I will be more than happy to answer them.

To the new normal, for now.. Josh.