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If you are over 16 you are joining The Grange Club and will be affiliated to the Grange Squash Club.  The Grange Club is the parent club over the individual sports clubs (squash, tennis, hockey and cricket).  This allows you to vote and receive information on club matters in addition to being a member of the Squash Club.

Under 16’s are not members of The Grange Club and are joining The Grange Squash Club only.

Standard Membership
Subscriptions can be found on the application form below. Membership is for 12 months and annually thereafter.
Once you have paid your subscription there is nothing further to pay. There are no court fees: the court lighting, heaters and online booking system are all included.

Joining Forms

Aged 16-24 Membership
There are reduced rates and multi sport deals for 16-24 year olds and students.
These memberships can be found on the following forms.  Existing members moving into or out of this age bracket will be contacted regarding the changes to subscription.

Joining Forms

Under 16 Membership
Under 16's can join the Grange Squash Club on an annual basis and the basic membership gives juniors access to the courts during off-peak hours over the year, 1 hour coaching on a Saturday and a supervised 90min free session on a Sunday between September and June. 

For joining enquiries please use the contact below.  Thank you

General Enquiries: Peter -
Juniors: Peter -
Coaching: Lisa -
Child Protection: Ramsay -
Adult Membership: Duncan -

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